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Would the real Jerry Hogrefe please stand up??

We truly don’t know which Jerry is the real one.

One Jerry has been a Republican for years.

One Jerry is a Democrat who joined the party to win the County Sheriff seat.

One Jerry is pandering to the far-left by proclaiming that he wants Taos County to be a Sanctuary County.

Whichever Jerry is the true one, well that would leave the other two to be false. I suppose that we could say, then, that Jerry is 2/3’s fake so take your pick as to who has been deceived.
Like a 3-headed alien, mouthing-off to Men in Black, Jerry’s got a separate talking head ready for anyone. He’s not for Law and Order, he’s for Cow and Udder, hovering over Taos County in a space-craft, milking it for all he can.

Can we please bring honesty and integrity back to Taos County?



We're Hoppin at IHOP

Make Your Summer Reading all about Conservative Authors.
We celebrate their books with our mobile library at IHOP on Wed. Aug.8th from 6-8:00pm.
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Stay if you'd like to enjoy 20% off all menu items and meet newcomers.
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VOTER REGISTRATION avaliable. If you have moved or have not yet registered,
come in or call 575-741-1288 to make an appointment.

Davis for Taos County Sheriff

Serving the Taos County Community



*Enforce the law.

*Respect citizen rights.

*Protect the public.

*The difference between peace and chaos, is the law.

I have a proven track record in patrol, supervision, investigation and officer prosecution (municipality).
My law enforcement experience with the State , Town of Taos and Village of Questa shows a proven record of diligent work.
I am a INDEPENDENT THINKER who approaches problems with critical thought and solution based ideas. I have worked in the private sector where there is no bureaucracy to stifle common sense problem solving. Government needs more of that.
I LISTEN. I believe the more ideas to consider the better the solutions.
I can make tough decisions and stand by them. Doing what is right is not always popular but it takes guts to stand for what is right!
I am built to protect and serve.

Bad Apples in New Mexico
Call to investigate George Soros Gal-Pal

Friday, Michael Hendricks, candidate for Attorney General, called on Attorney General Hector Balderas to open an official investigation to the apparent corrupt acts of Michelle Lujan Grisham as it pertains to her personally benefiting from her elected position.

“For too long, our elected officials have seen their position in government as a mechanism for personal enrichment. Although, I commend the prior investigations and convictions by the office of the Attorney General, it is just not enough. New Mexico politics is replete with corrupt actors and we must stand strong against corruptions at every level, no matter party or person, to move our state forward. The Attorney General cannot become complacent with a few correct acts but must persist for the New Mexico people and our great state.”

The reports that have come to light about the partial ownership of the high-risk health insurance pool firm by Lujan Grisham while having an elected position with authority raise concerns of MAJOR CONFLICTS OF INTERST, at the least. It is conceivable that her power, and that of her co-founder, could have been used to affect the outcome of legislature directly contrary to their personal interests in the firm. And, that this power could have been used to ensure the SURVIVAL OF THEIR INTERESTS TO THE HARM OF THEIR CONSTITUENTS. At minimum, an investigation should be investigated to determine if any bad or illegal acts occurred.

“Recent reports that gubernatorial candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham may have corruptly pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars from high-risk health insurance pools is deeply troubling. New Mexico’s people deserve better than returning to the back-room cronyism of the Richardson years. I am joining with every concerned citizen of our state to say, NO MORE. We must demand accountability and transparency from our elected officials. The Attorney General should immediately investigate Michelle Lujan Grisham, her business partner Debbie Armstrong and Delta Consulting and give the people of New Mexico answers to how and why these contracts were awarded to two elected officials with numerous direct conflicts of interest.”

Soros vs. America
Some excerpts from Rebecca Hagelin

Freedom-loving Americans delivered a bold, decisive leader who has the guts to stop the
socialist global efforts to turn America into the world’s dumping ground. George Soros and his minions will do everything in their power to undermine Mr. Trump and conservative elected officials.

Soros’s goal is to bring in as many people from the outside as possible and make them dependent on our government so they will always be willing to vote for liberal and leftist politicians who care more about power than they do about people.

But, attentive Americans are beginning to realize that the leftists are so intent on gaining power that they are even willing to tear our nation apart. We live in a time of “citizen journalism,’ where we have access to tools to help expose truth and cut through the mass propaganda the media is all too eager to feed us from the Soros table of plenty.

The Soros folks try to discredit anyone who shines the light on their sordid activities. But, the money trail is evident for all who care to follow it.

Although tracing Soros money is something of a shell game, it isn’t that difficult. Simply Google, download and read the IRS 990 forms of his 20 billion dollar Open Society Foundation, the National Immigration Forum (Soros is the largest donor.)

A five-minute video, (click on) “Rent A Riot: Soros’s Assault on Trump & America,” helps connect the dots. You can find it on You Tube. Share it with your friends and anyone else who shakes their head in dismay at the endless displays of disruption across the country.
Visit sites where there are copies of legal documents and filings of the truth. Three great resources are, and
It’s really just a handful of powerful, rich leftists who are doing their best to cause upheaval.
Don’t sit by and watch as the left dissects us.

The State of New Mexico has in its near future every chance to become an independent prosperous state. It also has the chance to plummet down the road of ruin and become a filthy, dangerous and fascist state like California.

A speedy decline is in the future under the governing of Michelle Lujan Grisham who has tied herself to Antifa, the most violent fascist organization to be found in both the United States and Europe. Behind this anarchist organization, you will find a trail that leads to the face of George Soros who has reached his hand out to Michelle. And she took his hand filled with cash. Did she make any promises to him in exchange for money? If so, how far will she go as a part of his destructive agenda?

Is Michelle Lujan Grisham as evil as George Soros? Or, is she just plain stupid? Either way, she should NOT be Governor of the good people of New Mexico.

Congressman Steve Pearce (R)

Listening intently to both Republicans and Democrats alike, Congressman Steve Pearce has realistic, practical answers to the issues that face Taos and New Mexico.

With a life of service that led him to the House of Representatives and Chairman Emeritus of the House Western Caucus, Pearce fought bravely as a combat pilot in Vietnam.

Arriving in Taos recently to award a Bronze Star to the Taos County family of a WWII veteran, Congressman Pearce stops to listen to New Mexico communities at churches, ranches, small businesses and schools. With a true, honest love and understanding of Taos County and the State of New Mexico, Steve Pearce will be the best Governor that this state could ever hope to have.



Representing Vadito, Penasco and Chamisol, they made the event happen! The Lujan family, with a rich local family history, is bringing the Republican Community together with Fun, Food, and Fellowship.


Champions in Community Outreach
are Robert Lujan, Michael Romero,
and Tommy Simpson.

Assisting Secretary Susie Griffin was the brilliant 6 yr. old Bella who worked the floor handing out cards and then led the Pledge of Allegiance in both English and Spanish.

Blue collar Democrats across this nation, does it bother you to send your representatives to DC to advocate for illegal immigrants? Think about it. Your tax dollars go to line the pockets of politicians who don’t fight for you, but for non-Americans. Problem??? Tomi Lahren

Here is what others are saying about the Democrat Party as taken from Twitter.
"I don't think that the Rank and File Democrat has any idea what Progressivism means or it's origin.
Many of you do. If you don't understand it's goals, please look it up. The goal are very specific. All serve a centralized Government. MARX understood it." Chuck woolery
(that's Karl Marx, not Groucho...)

"I can no longer be a Democrat for Trump so online today I became a Republican for Trump!!!! Can not wait to get my new voter card, ready for Nov primary!!!"Clemonce DuVall
"Me and my wife are with you ...will register as Republicans this week...."Clay8745
"Did that myself of course was Independent. Not a Democrat. But this year registered Republican."smitty C

CNN Interviews Ohio DEMOCRAT Trump Voters

The 2016 election many democrats switched their party vote and voted for Donald Trump. One year later CNN interviews these 5 people in Youngstown, OH who switch in 2016.


Candace Owens, life-long liberal, was harassed by her liberal friends who would not listen to the hard facts regarding the incessant failures of the Democrat Party. These failures have kept African-Americans on a “hamster wheel” that goes round and round never moving forward due to left-wing false promises, she says.

Using the demise of the city of Chicago as a prime example of these failures, she describes herself as an ex-liberal who has gone into something akin to a 12-step recovery program and there is no chance for relapse.

Going on to identify Antifa as a terrorist group, Candace says that their violent criminal actions are the very best advertising for people to turn to the Republican Party.


Rising Stars and Stripes at the 50th Annual Rodeo de Taos Parade


Enjoying a resounding patriotic success in our beloved community, Asher Vigil, a rising star in the Taos County Young Republicans, drives a mini-Jeep to support our troops and first responders amid cheers, waves, and a rodeo queen admirer.